Encryption Wizard
Editions and Requirements


Encryption Wizard comes in multiple editions, all producing encrypted files which are fully interoperable and usable by other editions. Given the absence of support funding and to ease bandwidth requirements, only the Unified Edition is available for download from this site, and only in recent versions.

Standard Editions

These editions all have the same default configuration and functionality.

Custom Editions

Encryption Wizard also exists in several custom editions, made for specific Federal organizations. These are easily distinguishable by the window title, the text in the 'Help→About' dialog box, and the background image in the main window. The exact differences in any given custom build obviously vary per organization (typically different option defaults and the possibility of disaster escrow recovery), but all such editions are still interoperable with the standard editions above.

Operating Requirements

Encryption Wizard currently requires a Java SE (Standard Edition) compatible environment, running Java 8 or later. At present, this usually means either the commercial Oracle JDK with installers, or the free OpenJDK Oracle builds without installers. EW itself is a standalone program running with unprivileged user permissions.

Encryption Wizard does not require…

Encryption Wizard optionally uses a smartcard reader. Support is very dependent on the combination of operating system and middleware you have installed.